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If healthcare in our region is important to you

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The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) seeks to address some important problems when it comes to accessing healthcare in this country. It will provide protection for those with preexisting conditions; it will remove lifetime caps; it will extend coverage for children and young adults up to age 26; and it will attempt to provide for health coverage for everyone in the country.

While these are important issues to address, the act fails to address problems that are specific to El Paso and the border. As your congressman I will work to make sure that future legislation that carries out the provisions of the PPACA will help, and not hurt, El Paso.

Therefore, we must address the reimbursement rate for our community. That is the only way to attract and retain healthcare professionals and insure that El Pasoans have adequate access to the care they need. That should have been done when the PPACA was first written and passed, and it will be my top healthcare priority in the coming session.

I will also consult with the community before voting on legislation this significant. In contrast, when this legislation was introduced Reyes asked supporters to "shout down" opponents.

Public Health

As a City Representative, I had an opportunity to re-shape the way we look at public health. I championed programs as diverse as Project ARRIBA, a workforce training program that has increased the number of nurses in our region; CicloVia and Scenic Sundays, outdoor recreational programs that help get more El Pasoans outside and exercising, and voted to make substantial investments in the Medical Center of the Americas (MCA) to ensure that we train, attract and retain the best healthcare professionals in the region.

I commit to the following:

El Paso's needs and assets need to be a priority in D.C. If I have the honor of representing you in Congress, I won't put partisan politics above my commitment to our community.