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Entrenched politicians are not the solution for a better country. Do you agree?

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Whether it is saving Social Security, balancing the federal budget, reducing the national debt or reforming tax policy so that everyone pays their fair share, we need our federal representatives to make tough, principled decisions for our country's future. Americans want their federal elected officials to be directly accountable to them and responsive to their priorities and values.

Seventy five percent of Americans favor term limits because they know that restricting the amount of time any one person can spend in Congress will introduce more urgency to the pressing issues that face our nation.

The overwhelming powers of incumbency have insured long term job security for members of Congress despite their poor performance and low approval ratings. Adopting term limits will reduce the power of incumbency and more regularly invigorate and reinvent Congress by allowing new people with new ideas and new perspectives to serve our country.

Adopting term limits is a critical step to making Congress a more functional body that is responsive to the needs of our country and the districts that we represent. Despite the overwhelming support of Americans for term limits, Congress has failed to take action on past efforts to amend the constitution. The bills get bogged down in debates about what the right term limit is and then fail for lack of consensus.

That is why I'm introducing an amendment to the constitution that, instead of mandating term limits for a specified period of time, will simply give Congress the authority to set its own term limits. This approach makes the chances of passage more likely than past efforts. If the constitutional amendment passes giving Congress that authority, we can then debate the appropriate amount of time for term limits.

I am co-sponsoring the amendment with my colleague, Jim Bridenstine, a freshman Republican from Oklahoma. Even though we come from different parties, we know that that unless we root out some of the fundamental dysfunctions, Congress will remain mired in deadlock and discord that does not serve this nation well.

We ask for your support in making Congress more accountable to you.

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